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The Wild Duck Club of Amica at Arbutus Manor

The year is moving on toward mid-summer.  The ducks that flew away last fall returned this past spring as regular as a clock.  Fascinating thing, this business of instincts.  With people, in many things it drives our lives, rather than the careful thought we imagine.  Our ducks arrive because something drives them to leave their winter quarters and come north.  Once here they attend to business.  Pairing off, they assume the roles of drake and female.  In due time their eggs become baby ducklings.  Those who survive the onslaught of crows grow rapidly towards adulthood.   Continue reading


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Perfection – Is it possible, or not?

When I think of perfection, the very word covers such a variety of concepts, beliefs, situations, that even grasping it is difficult. Yet when I encounter perfection, recognition floods over me. My spirits soar, life is good, nothing is impossible.

This mysterious reality pops up when it is least expected. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine dancing on wet bushes outside my window sets the mood. A phone call from a dear old friend comes at just the right moment. Perfect – just perfect!

The range of this elusive entity is amazing: from “the ridiculous to the sublime” it holds sway. I try on a sweater that has become too tight, and surprisingly find that it now fits. Leaving on my daily walk, I come across a spot where the path is carpeted with the beautiful white petals from a Star Magnolia tree. Looking up I see the mother tree, with a few remaining flowers and many tiny, new, green leaves. Perfection!

Frequent, fleeting, and unannounced, it is still somehow everywhere, offering the same elixir in different doses. I must be awake and aware very moment. Life requires that I handle the difficult and the unwanted. Perfection’s visits provide a valuable balance in daily life. What a wonderful gift!


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In the Moment

Today’s mantra proclaims the value of “Living in the Moment”.  Yesterday is gone: Forget it!  Tomorrow may never come: Why worry?  This state, it suggests, is particularly suited for the elderly.

Having just reached four-score years and ten, I qualify as elderly.  (Indeed, I note that the Bible suggests I have lived about as long as one can reasonably expect to!  Nonetheless, the Bible also tells stories of many individuals who far exceeded this milestone.  Perhaps longevity is not a “one size fits all” phenomenon.)

No one can speak for all elderly people, any more than for other groups.  I speak, therefore, only for myself.  My credentials?  Only these: my years of living and where my musings have taken me.  And when it comes to Living in the Moment, “That’s only part of the picture!” I plead.    Continue reading


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A Nap in the Hay

Spring was firmly established.  It was warm in the morning sunshine, cool when the breezes whirled by.  The sky was bright and blue, the clouds puffy and white and the meadowlarks were singing.  The farm teemed with new life – calves, little piglets and baby chicks.  The barn cats had kittens, the pet dog produced puppies, and the resident wildlife followed suit in their own style.

This morning the big news was the birth, during the night, of a little colt.  My Dad made the announcement at breakfast.  Mother and offspring were well and enjoying the day in the fenced paddock behind the barn.

As with most farm kids, even little ones, there were chores to do.  I attacked mine with a vengeance, then announced to my mother that I was going to the barn yard to see if I could catch a glimpse of the new colt.  She nodded her consent but added “Be quiet, Marjie.  The mare will be protective of the new colt, and you must not upset her”.  With her admonition ringing in my ears, I hurried away.  Up to this point my day’s record was  unblemished.  I had…

Done my chores,

Told Mother where I was going,

Said what I wished to do, and

Listened to her “Be careful” list …

BUT …     Continue reading


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