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Perfection – Is it possible, or not?

When I think of perfection, the very word covers such a variety of concepts, beliefs, situations, that even grasping it is difficult. Yet when I encounter perfection, recognition floods over me. My spirits soar, life is good, nothing is impossible.

This mysterious reality pops up when it is least expected. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine dancing on wet bushes outside my window sets the mood. A phone call from a dear old friend comes at just the right moment. Perfect – just perfect!

The range of this elusive entity is amazing: from “the ridiculous to the sublime” it holds sway. I try on a sweater that has become too tight, and surprisingly find that it now fits. Leaving on my daily walk, I come across a spot where the path is carpeted with the beautiful white petals from a Star Magnolia tree. Looking up I see the mother tree, with a few remaining flowers and many tiny, new, green leaves. Perfection!

Frequent, fleeting, and unannounced, it is still somehow everywhere, offering the same elixir in different doses. I must be awake and aware very moment. Life requires that I handle the difficult and the unwanted. Perfection’s visits provide a valuable balance in daily life. What a wonderful gift!


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