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In the Moment

Today’s mantra proclaims the value of “Living in the Moment”.  Yesterday is gone: Forget it!  Tomorrow may never come: Why worry?  This state, it suggests, is particularly suited for the elderly.

Having just reached four-score years and ten, I qualify as elderly.  (Indeed, I note that the Bible suggests I have lived about as long as one can reasonably expect to!  Nonetheless, the Bible also tells stories of many individuals who far exceeded this milestone.  Perhaps longevity is not a “one size fits all” phenomenon.)

No one can speak for all elderly people, any more than for other groups.  I speak, therefore, only for myself.  My credentials?  Only these: my years of living and where my musings have taken me.  And when it comes to Living in the Moment, “That’s only part of the picture!” I plead.    Continue reading


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