The Memories Life Triggers

Sunday morning. I’m on my way to church on a warm, sunny, spring day. David, the owner/driver of the “Driving Miss Daisy” service, and I have been chatting. We come to 16th Avenue, and turn onto it. My sentence ends mid-stream and I gasp in wonder. Ahead stretch blocks of cherry trees in full blossom. Last week there was only an occasional flower. People were saying then, “This is far too early for spring. If it turns cool again the trees will be damaged!”

These comments run through my mind as we drive past tree after tree, all dressed in their spring best. Apparently nature has its own schedule and doesn’t consult the weather forecast! My spirits soar. Joy and happiness fill my heart. I shake my head and say, “I’m new to Vancouver, David. Perhaps one day I will take all of Vancouver’s beauty for granted, but I’m not there yet.”

“Better than the prairies, in your opinion?”  

I ponder his question. An answer does not come quickly. As we turn into the church parking lot the matter is dropped. My mind does not leave the topic immediately. I still feel the joy and happiness roused in me by the sight of those trees.

The days roll by. Periodically jogged by the question, my mind pulls up many memories of the prairies. The meadowlarks singing from their perch on the fence, the endless rolling lands, wild sunflowers in the ditches, sweeping blue skies with puffy white clouds. I was born, raised, and grew up on the lovely, open lands we call prairies. Are they beautiful? Yes. Better than Vancouver? Not necessarily. Can you equate apples and oranges? My reactions to the beauty offered in Vancouver, and on the prairies, are the same – joy, excitement, bursts of energy, and appreciation for all nature spread before me.

Memories of past beauty are vital to how I handle the present. Beauty is beauty. Regardless of time or place or kind, it enriches my life forever. And so I strive to be aware, to see what exists. The gifts are mine for the taking.


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8 Responses to The Memories Life Triggers

  1. Morag Dornian

    Marjorie, you are SO right. Beautifully expressed. Continue to be aware and enjoy your surroundings. It’s a beautiful world.
    Morag Dornian

    • Marjorie

      Morag – Nice to see a Calgary/Esso comment again. Thanks for your interest and encouragement.

  2. Liz Koerner

    I am thrilled every Spring when the cherry trees grace our streets with their blossoms. I have a fond memory of a pretty amazing blossom throwing “fight” with a girlfriend, not too long ago actually. People driving by stared as we howled with laughter, petals in our hair, in our mouths, in our clothes…it was pure joy!
    See you soon. Liz

    • Marjorie

      Good for you, Liz – some of our best moments come when we simply abandon dignity, and have fun!

  3. Attend, simply attend. Joy & beauty are all around us and it’s nice to be reminded. Thanks again, Marjorie.

    • Marjorie

      Barbara – Perhaps when we get older, and can see the end of the road, we tend to be more aware of beauty of life, and how that outweighs the tough areas. Don’t know, but that is my guess.

  4. Leone Jobson

    Spring is so welcome. Each day something new is in bloom and once the spring blossoms fade hopefully the annuals will become more than new bedding plant. Another treasure of this season is road cleanup!

    I hope you are keeping well…I think of you often with much affection.

    • Marjorie

      When it comes to memories, Leone – mine are intertwined with your family from before you were born! I applaud any trigger which makes them come alive again. All goes well here.