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Blizzards, Dust Storms, Extreme Cold – All Make a Teacher’s Dilemma

My Daddy is sick and in bed.  “He has a fever,” Mommy says.  I hear them talking.  “Perhaps we should just keep them home today, Will.”  “How cold is it?” Daddy asks.  “Minus 2 on our thermometer, and not much wind,” she answers.  They decide Doris and I can go, and Mommy puts on her outside clothes too.  “I’ll walk with you to the Christensen road and break a trail for you.”  We are so happy.  It is nice to walk with Mommy, and only a quarter of a mile to the school house after she turns back.  It works well having Mommy breaking trail, the snow is deep for our legs.  I’m six and Doris is seven, and we are used to walking to school.  When the snow is deep, Daddy usually drives us in the sled.  Now he is sick, and Mommy can’t get harness on a horse – but she is a good trail breaker.    Continue reading


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