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Beloved Animals Who Have Shared My Life: A Final Sequel

This is a story about another beloved animal, not a sheep this time, or a chicken, but a dog.

Part 1 – Decisions and Acquisition

It’s the summer of 1955. The Gibson family is thriving, enjoying the sunshine and Ralph’s first summer vacation from school. His 8th birthday will come in October. The family discussions turn often to this big day. Ralph has two wishes for his special day: a bicycle and a dog.

“It will have to be one or the other,” says his Dad. “We can’t manage both. It takes work to learn to ride a bike, but it’s fun too.”

“Is a dog work too, Dad?” Ralph asks.

“Yes, son, but a different kind of work. A dog needs good care, lots of exercise, and much love.”

Five-year-old Lorna chimes in, “Get a dog, Ralphie. I love dogs.”

Three-year-old Anne mutters to no one in particular, “Don’t like doggies. They scare me!”

Seven-month-old Mary is the only one who doesn’t give a hoot what his choice is!    Continue reading


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Raising Little Savages

My mother never lived on a farm until she married Dad.  The rolling, treeless prairies where one could see for miles, under big skies and puffy white clouds, were all new to her.  She came from Iowa in the mid-west USA – an old established area where the trees were many and old, where the corn grew 6 feet tall, and there were no coyotes howling in the night.  Moreover, she had lived her whole life in small cities or large towns.  She took to her new life like a duck to water, and never regretted her choice of husband, farm life, or new citizenship.

Despite all that she remained a town girl living on a farm.  Everyday life continued to hold surprises for her.  At the top of the list was raising two daughters who knew only the life that was so new to her.  Years later she confessed to me that many times she despaired, “I thought I was raising little savages!”  That remark surprised me.  I could not see anything so strange, and certainly not savage, about the childhood Doris and I had lived.  We were just ordinary farm kids on the prairies!  It is some 40-odd years since that conversation with Mom, and I view things somewhat differently now.  My clearest memories of my pre-school years are, of course, of the times I got into trouble…    Continue reading


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