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We Enter Life Kicking and Screaming

or  Encountering another major change along life’s path.

There is a phrase commonly used today that starts, “We enter life kicking and screaming…”.  To my surprise I found that this phrase has many different prefaces and closures.  My minor research effort revealed that it is a very old saying that has been used for centuries.  For example, Shakespeare quoted it in his Richard I play, linking it to mankind’s unfortunate tendency towards conflict and violence.

Be that as it may, the form I learned bears a different life lesson or truism.  To quote:  “We enter this world kicking and screaming, and tend to react to any subsequent major changes in the same way!”  As with most such sayings or proverbs, there is a modicum of truth that rings true and catches our attention.  So it was that this saying kept returning to my consciousness as I worked my way through my personal life-changing events of January 2012.    Continue reading


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