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A Sketch of the Lives of Parents

Parents –
Mother, Daddy –
my world –
the centre of my life.
Comforting, supporting,
leading me
from child to adult.

They are windows to the past
connecting me
with ancestors, long dead,
who live again in stories.

The future looms, unknown to all.
Fearful, I falter. My loving guides lead on,
stop, step aside, and point the way.
Tears flow.
I say goodbye and leave, their words ringing in my ears.

“The future now is yours.
Enjoy life. Hold your head high.
Lead an honourable life.
Keep us in your heart, as we hold you.
As long as we live
the doors of home are open.
Return often
and tell of your adventures.
We will laugh, sing, and celebrate
before you leave again.
Travel far
on the journey only you can make.
May life
be full and challenging
and all go well with you.”

Memories flood over me.
The years
have flown away.
The loving guidance of my parents
has travelled with me all the way.


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