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Life is What Happens

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
John Lennon, Beautiful Boy

July 10th, 1945 – Davidson, Saskatchewan.   I am busy in our little store-home.  We’re so proud of our funny little house.  We moved in 43 days ago on May 29th, a newlywed couple.  Sheldon leaves early to join the seismic crew at their meeting place.  The crew then drives out to where they are working.  He loves his job as assistant in the instrument truck.  Funny thing, he didn’t eat much breakfast, said he wasn’t hungry.  Oh well, I’ll have a big supper ready when he gets home.

Time surely flies by.  It is mid-morning already.  I hear a truck stop outside, and go to the door to look out.  It’s Gerry, the Party Chief.  He is helping Sheldon out.   Continue reading


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