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On the Road Again

Word arrived yesterday: we are moving again.  It is early spring and only a skiff of snow remains.  There was lots in Grande Prairie in October when Ralph had his first birthday.  Then shortly after that we moved here to McLennan.

This is a very interesting town.  It is a major railway maintenance centre.  The population is close to a fifty/fifty split between French and “Anglos” (the latter covering anyone NOT French).  Many of the French people work in the railway shops, or in one way or another for the Catholic Church.  A block away from our house is an imposing, very large cathedral.  Close to it are clustered several buildings, a Catholic Separate School, and residences for students, teachers, priests, and nuns.

The Anglos make up the merchants, professionals, owners of small businesses and municipal workers.  Sometimes it seems to me like two separate towns living very close to one another.  The seismic crew and their families are welcomed warmly by both factions.  We found our little old rental house in an area mainly French, not surprising as we are so close to the cathedral and the schools.  However it is convenient for us, too: our tiny United Church is two blocks away.  Sometimes the bells ringing in the cathedral almost down out our singing, but we persist.  Thank heavens for the Mission and Service part of the national government  of our church.  Its subsidy keeps our small church going.   Continue reading


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