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When It Works, It’s Magic

The ability to talk, to express oneself by the use of the spoken word, is tied firmly to being human.  As mankind evolved, so did the complexity of language itself.  Very recently, the multitude of devices available to transfer the spoken word has mushroomed.  Never before in history has it been so easy to talk to anyone, anywhere.  I am conscious of a need to communicate clearly and in a meaningful way with anyone I engage in discussion.

Our world is faced with urgent problems.  To improve my art of communication may, in a very small way, help our world to survive.  Whether it is person-to-person, or one ideology with a very different ideology, I must learn to work with others for the good of all.  From birth to death, my learning process goes on.  As I mature, life confronts me with realities that must be faced and a need for qualities which are hard won.  I must develop the capacity to listen sincerely, and with the intention of understanding the other side.  To learn to acknowledge my own weaknesses, and to accept that I can sometimes be wrong in my reasoning can be both frightening and rewarding.  I can fail, and that hurts – but when I attempt an important communication and it works – Oh, when it works, it’s Magic!   Continue reading


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