Still on the Path

 Still on the Path

People think of life in many ways
or don’t think at all.
What is it?
Something everyone knows but cannot describe.
They say it is like this
or like that.
replace what one feels and knows but can’t articulate.
For me life is a long path on which I travel
until it ends.
Sometimes smooth, sometimes rough, always changing.
Looking back the path shows wonderful views but
the future
disappears around a bend.  

In my childhood I travelled a crowded loving family path
which gradually
became my own.
Sometimes my path was more learning than progress
more failures than successes
but always exciting and addictive.

It was lonely until one day my love appeared
his path joined mine and our wide path became another

Sometimes our path climbed
through rough and hurtful places
but always we
and moved on.
There came a day when the children were grown
exploring their own paths
living their own lives
coming back often to visit the home path.

My love and I are getting old, the path seems steeper.
We stop to look down the mountain to our path below and reminisce.
I close my eyes to rest and feel him move.
Awaking, I see him slowly walking down the path
towards the bend.
Calling out, I scramble to my feet to follow.
He stops
gives his mischievous grin
and walks on
around the bend and out of sight.
When I round the bend he is gone.
His path stops
mine leads on.

The years roll by.
Once again I am alone.
My path struggles through rough patches but
encouraged by loving family and friends I move on.
Stopping to rest
looking back down the mountain I see my old path far below.
The vistas are clear, familiar, dear.
Tears fill my eyes, sadness and joy flood my heart.

I trudge on.
beyond that bend
my path
will finally reach
its rightful

Dedicated to Rod, our patient Creative Writing Class leader
who believes that everyone can (or should) write poetry!



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18 Responses to Still on the Path

  1. Lorna

    Mom, that is beautiful… thank you.

    • Marjorie

      Lorna – I am so glad you like it! I am an accidental poet and it may never happen again, but found it helpful to do this one.

  2. Joyce Schuman

    I cried as I read this. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    • Marjorie

      Joyce – I’m counting the weepers, my dear. Do hope that it means you enjoyed it too. A confession – I can only cry when I am furious at someone, and that does not happen often. It might be easier on me if I could cry when I am pleased or even grieving – I’ll work on that. Thank you for your reply.

  3. Jim Taylor

    I’m not quite ready to walk around that bend yet, but I empathize with the business of being able to look down the mountain and see the path we’ve travelled far below.

    Jim T

    • Marjorie

      Jim – I’m not ready yet either! Perhaps the trick is to be pleasantly surprised when one rounds the bend at what turns up!

  4. Ralph Gibson

    O.K., so Rod was right !

    Wonderful, Mom. Thank you!

    • Marjorie

      Ralph – This one seemed to reach home to the “kids”. Perhaps it might remind many of their own paths. Good to hear your opinion.

  5. Yup, Rod gets points! Lovely job….the kind of poetry I enjoy!

  6. Jack

    You described the path that many of us are taking as God prepares us to go around the bend in the road. Thank you Marjorie, for your insight and clarity. Jack

    • Marjorie

      Jack – It is always nice when someone connects with what I have tried to express. Thank you for your comments.

  7. Leone

    Hi Marjorie,
    Always, always your writing speaks to me. I treasure each post. Indeed, all of us struggle and tears flow but you inspire.
    Your pragmatic approach to recent challenges reminds me of Mom..when a friend said to her” how do you do it, Ruth?” She replied “one step at a time.”
    We will endeavor to follow in your footsteps.

    • Marjorie

      Leone – If my attempt at poetry reminds you of your mother, I am delighted. Ruth was my friend for a very large chunk of my life. I met her the year you were born. She enjoyed life, and gave to all she met. Thank you for your love and support.

  8. Alison Uhrbach

    Marjorie – I just returned from a Women’s retreat in Sundre. We talked of influences in our lives. For me, I feel I am blessed by knowing many wise people – you being ONE of them. You continue to inspire me, and mentor me – from when I was a young child – right up to today as I read your poem. Made me cry as well – but then, as you may well know, I’m a “crier”. Alison

    • Marjorie

      Alison – I’m about to go to bed, and checked my email. Hearing from you made a lovely ending to my day, even if you did cry. Seriously, I am very glad that you like it. I remember when you were a little girl, and how both families celebrated the first time you were able to stay all night at our place. Usually I had to take a weepy little tyke all the long way across the alley to her home about 10 PM!

  9. Eleanor Jackson

    Marjorie, this is really beautiful. Thank you for inviting me to read and take part in your private writings.

    • Marjorie

      Eleanor – What a pleasure for me to see your name show up with a comment on my blog. I am very pleased that you enjoyed reading it. We can discuss it more when we meet at church. Your input will be appreciated. Marjorie