Night Has Fallen

There is a saying, “The little bird sings in the dark, welcoming the dawn he knows will come.”

By itself it doesn’t make sense.  Consider it a metaphor that opens a door.  It is not really about birds but people, so many interpretations are possible.  From where I stand, mid-way in my nineties, the end of a long journey approaches.  As surely as a bird knows morning will come, I know death is my destination.   

What about “welcoming the dawn he knows will come”?  I can speak only for myself, and then only from where I am today.  Alone in his darkness the poor bird trustingly sings.

An old saying says, “Nothing makes decisions so easy as having no options.”  Will I sing for joy and welcome death?  Who knows?

Life will end.  That is a certainty that cannot be denied.  In some circumstances, it will be a joy to arrive and celebratory singing could be a possibility!  My present attention is focused on the process of getting to that point.

With my beloved family and friends beside me, the trip is accomplished.  Content, I wait for the final door to open.  A bird sings in the dark.



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19 Responses to Night Has Fallen

  1. Doreen Tischer

    Marjorie, I still think of you often. I hope you are okay!

  2. Elfrieda Neufeld Schroeder

    Marjorie, this is a very courageous post. We are all that bird singing so courageously in the dark. None of us knows when our hour will come. You have lived much longer than most and so now you know, there is a certainty that some of the rest of us don’t have yet, about an imminent farewell to this world as you know it. So brave of you to voice it. Your song in the darkness is lovely.

  3. Susan McCalla

    Dear Marjorie
    I echo the sentiments expressed in earlier comments. Your descriptions of life are beautiful and courageous.
    Talib says that as long as someone is talking about you, thinking about you, you are truly not gone.
    And Marjorie, thoughts of you, conversations about you will go on for a long, long time into the future. Many generations of your family will hold the memories of you and your life close to their hearts…and you will live on.
    Thinking of you

  4. Lovely, Marjorie. As the date of my own “dawn” draws steadily closer, I hope I will be able to sing in the darkness with as much courage as you.
    Jim T

  5. Leone Jobson

    Of course, you knew Mom so well you will recognize her in my little remembrance. I was keeping company in her last weeks and one day she said, “Leone, this is taking too long.” I replied, “You are the world’s best listener.” To which she replied, “Damn, my work will never be done!” Mom was not a complainer and always rose to the occasion to help us but there did come a time when I think she was ready to say, “It is done.” We treasure her memory and I feel she walks with me still. Sending loving thoughts to you!

    • Marjorie

      Leone – Hope all goes well for you folks. Glad you still read the blog. I too think of Ruth so often, and how well she managed her departure.

  6. Jean-Guy Dallaire

    Hello Marjorie,
    Wishing you well.
    Just read… about the little bird…announcing the light to come…
    We should all sign as I believe.
    Good to read from you.

    • Marjorie

      Jean-Guy, Could it be the bird is saying “Go see your friends”? Not going out much, but would be delighted to see you. Please get in touch and we’ll make a reservation here.

  7. Colleen Cruickshank

    Your post evokes an emotional and spiritual response, a surge of joy and grief that rises from my heart when I’m touched by truth and beauty. I’m grateful to you. My blessings, Marjorie.

    “So every day
    I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth
    of the ideas of God,
    one of which was you.”
    ~ Mary Oliver

    • Marjorie

      Colleen – If our searching leads us to feel as well as think we’ll be on a right track. Perhaps not the only one, but one which will enable us to handle death as desirable and to be welcomed.

  8. Judith

    Thank you for sharing this. It is such a strange thing to contemplate our mortality, isn’t it? I can’t remember who said this, but I remember someone saying they felt at the end of their life like someone at the end of a long day, tired, satisfied and ready to put their head down to sleep. I hope it feels that peaceful.

    • Marjorie

      I like that description, Judith – to finish one’s life and be content. In that case one could go with the flow and be at peace.

  9. Dorothy Warren

    Beginnings and endings… all part of the unbroken circle of life. If a song accompanies our journey the road seems less long and if family and friends join with us, there is no better way to travel. Your song has accompanied me on my journey providing inspiration and the confidence that the dawn will come however it manifests itself. Much love to you!

    • Marjorie

      Dorothy – Guess one should always “sing” if you have a song you believe in. It may seem trivial to you at the time, but be just the missing piece someone was looking for.

  10. Brenda Wallace

    Good afternoon, Marjorie,
    I just want you to know that I have found so much pleasure and joy in having you as a friend, mentor, leader and, in this amazing journey called life, you continue to be my guide. Thank you so much for sharing this journey thus far with me. Your “song” is invaluable. Love you.❤❤❤

    • Marjorie

      Brenda – So glad you enjoyed it. To repeat what I may have said before, writing is like life: You never know what will happen next. And of course, I’m delighted you approve!

  11. Eleanor Jackson

    Marjorie, you will know I am always conflicted about the end coming and how quickly for me. I am no less conflicted this week as I contend with extra pain due to my fall. I so admire you going ahead, always with a smile, no matter your present circumstances. Carry on my friend. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to think about this subject.

    • Marjorie

      Eleanor – Good to hear from you. Thanks for your comment and may I say it has always amazed me the way you manage your life and the work you do for our church. You have much to be proud of – done in the face of physical problems. It’s a good life despite the holes in the road, and well worth living (as I know we both agree!)

  12. Kate

    I love your song gram – and it will always sing in our hearts 🙂